“With AD-IN-ONE we could decrease prices and still stay profitable.”
The Story

In a highly competitive environment like the advertising world, it‘s vital to stay on top of all the
ongoing projects and keep the agency as lean as possible. In McCann Erickson Slovakia, the AD-IN-ONE suite for Advertising agencies does just that.

„AD-IN-ONE allows us to monitor a campaign’s profitability in real-time. We can now get a precise overview for each project we’re working on“, says Ales Kohut, Managing Director of Mayer/McCann Erickson Slova- kia.

Now our agency runs like a swiss watch

AD-IN-ONE replaced all the tools previously used, brought in unified document templates, replaced document storing in multiple shared drives, and allowed for secure communication and financial information transfer about clients within teams. All job management and document approval processes in the agency are now automatic and all information is kept within one single system. What used to be done with follow up emails and calls is now done almost instantly.

AD-IN-ONE delivers all the necessary tools

Mayer/McCann Erickson’s general manager wanted to improve the fluency of his agency’s processes and get a competitive advantage over other large agencies in Slovakia. He needed a solution that would allow the agency to plan and measure more precisely than the competition and keep the agency as lean as possible.

Since 1995, they had been developing multiple tools in-house to manage their daily workflow processes. Campaigns and jobs were tracked on an MS Access database and in MS Excel spreadsheets. The traffic manager who managed 30 creatives was attempting to do so with only his email and phone. Agency documents and files were stored on various shared drives and could not be secured well. Getting timesheets from staff was always an issue. With the deployment of the AD-IN-ONE suite all this hassle became history.

After deploying AD-IN-ONE’s Traffic module, Mayer/McCann Erickson now has a clear overview of what is going on in the agency’s creative department. The traffic manager supervises capacity, job status, and tasks. The account directors monitor all ongoing projects and jobs in real-time. The staff spends less time doing administrative tasks, so they have more time to do their jobs. Projects run on schedule and, because they can track profitability, on budget.

AD-IN-ONE can seamless integrate with MS Exchange

McCann Erickson uses the MS Exchange global infrastructure for email and calendaring. AD-IN-ONE can send all emails, links, tasks, and reminders directly to MS Exchange so people can use MS Outlook to read emails. For example, if they need to approve a document in AD-IN-ONE or check a job or task link they got by email, they simply click on it in MS Outlook and the AD-IN-ONE application opens the document they need directly. One click. No need to open a new application: seamless integration.

Running a 50-person agency without a full-time accountant is not so common. McCann Erickson Slovakia does it. With AD-IN-ONE the agency does not need an in-house accountant.

When looking for a replacement for their former custom-built solution, one element that was key for McCann Erickson was the ability to find a solution that would allow them to supervise internal cashflow in real-time without any financial manager and integrate straight into their home-banking where all the financial transactions are handled.

AD-IN-ONE software allows agency staff to issue invoices, approve supplier invoices, track job cashflow, process payments, and even reconcile bank statements. AD-IN-ONE provides all the necessary tools and reports for financial management of the agency. An external account- ant just does the bookkeeping for tax purposes.

The AD-IN-ONE Cash Flow module gives the General Manager a real-time overview of all the company assets. With the home-banking plug-in from AD-IN-ONE, McCann Erickson now handles all incoming and outgoing transactions.

Thanks to AD-IN-ONE, Mayer/McCann Erickson has reached maximum internal efficiency and can focus on their core business – staying on the top of the creative industry in their market.


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