“We increased the performance and effectiveness of the agency.”
“We felt that our agency had grown and that we needed to promote the management changes we had started. In AD-IN-ONE, we found not only financial software, but an extensive tool for managing the agency, which was lacking in our previous software. The system has brought us the best practices from other agencies, while still giving us the flexibility to choose what we apply and what we will handle our own way,” says Peter Kontra."

“We know which jobs are really profitable and which to stay away from.” IGOR BLAŠKO | Chief Financial Officer | WIKTOR LEO BURNETT

From Leading Job to AD-IN-ONE

Wiktor Leo Burnett began using the Leading Job system from Austrian company Qualiant in 1998. Over the years, the agency has expanded and its needs have grown beyond the scope of the Leading Job system. In addition, the system was installed only on particular computers at the agency. In 2008, the company chose to replace the Leading Job software with AD-IN-ONE, which – with its functions, simplicity and variability – far exceeds similar agency software.

Intense competition in the advertising market creates pressures for agencies to make very detailed evaluations of jobs and to process jobs in the most efficient way. “We had to have an accurate overview of which jobs generate which profits, otherwise we would cease to be competitive. We needed the new system to give us the answers to the questions that we didn’t find in the financial accounting.”

Where to lead the agency? How to increase profitability?

“During implementation, we encountered many issues that directly referred to the functioning of our business and we were able to reflect upon what we wanted to streamline. The people from AD-IN-ONE encouraged us to change some of our habits. The system has helped us straighten out the places where we felt limited. When we chose the system, we didn’t realize how many details and features we would use. People from AD-IN-ONE have moved in agency environments long enough that they were able to give us good advice about how to deploy certain parts of the system to achieve what we had promised to ourselves,” adds Peter Kontra.

“We applied the whole system, trained on it, and had it running in less than five months. Part of the deployment system was a complete electronic circulation of agency documents and links to financial information directly from the accounting software. The system was fully deployed throughout the agency, and is now used by account managers, traffic managers, creatives, production, the financial department, and management.”

About Wiktor Leo Burnett

Wiktor Leo Burnett is one of the 5 most significant full-service agencies in Slovakia. The agency is a part of the Leo Burnett Worldwide network and holds a number of Grand Prix awards, as well as the Golden Drum and The Hugo Award. It has over 60 employees and its annual turnover exceeds EUR 30 million. Among its clients are Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Unicredit, and other major brands.


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