Delema McCann, Cyprus
DeLeMa McCann
The celebrations had barely dimmed after AD-IN-ONE made its Cyprus debut with Delema McCann - and now the proven ad agency management system has scored Gnomi Communication Consultants as its second client in this beautiful country.

What’s AD-IN-ONE, you ask? Well, AD-IN-ONE is probably the most important employee you could ever recruit if you’re running an advertising / communication agency. Putting it simply, it’s an integrated agency management tool that’s designed to make your agency incredibly efficient and profitable. And how does it do it? AD-IN-ONE puts the entire agency workflow under a single roof, making retrieving any information a matter of few clicks. So, for example, maybe you’d like to know if a particular job was particularly profitable? Or perhaps you’re wondering if a certain client ever brought in a penny in profit? Well, the answers appear magically, thanks to AD-IN-ONE. And no, you don’t have to say abracadabra.

The implementation of AD-IN-ONE in Gnomi Cyprus is well under way and everyone over there is looking forward to the usual perks and benefits of this excellent system. It usually takes about six weeks for AD-IN-ONE to be up and running - so by the time 2016 rolls in, Gnomi would already be reaping the benefits of embracing AD-IN-ONE. In fact, autumn is the best time to get acquainted with AD-IN-ONE, so that by the beginning of the following financial year, the system is already fully integrated with everyday life at the agency.

Delema McCann can probably sing our praises better than we can. They’re already profiting from the system so much so they don’t know how they ever did without it. And if they had any concerns about how introducing a new system can disrupt the workings of a company, those fears were easily tossed out of the window. AD-IN-ONE project managers never leave the agency until each and every user is fully well-versed and comfortable with the system and is fluent in it like his or her mother tongue. The implementation is always smooth and painless, just like the software itself.

And now with these two respectable clients in the pocket, AD-IN-ONE has its eyes set on many more in this region.

“Cyprus could be our ticket to Greece. For us, the key to new markets is always the first reference client. After we have them on board and AD-IN-ONE is flowing through their company veins, their positive word of mouth always does the rest. So often we get huge interest from owners of agencies for our product simply because they’ve heard their friends and peers raving about AD-IN-ONE.”, explains Libor Cerny, Managing Director of AD-IN-ONE Europe.

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