AD-IN-ONE (ad agency management system with 16 years of international experience) and AMAP (Asociacion Mexicana de Agencias de Publicidad) announce their unique partnership in the Mexican market. AMAP members shall gain most from this partnership. Not only can they enjoy advantageous prices but they can also participate in exclusive “best practices” workshops organised by AD-IN-ONE. Additionally, they will have privileged access to additional training tutorials and ideas shared across agencies worldwide. This is yet another crucial milestone for AD-IN-ONE in the Mexican market after its successful implementation in La Base agency early this year. AD-IN-ONE, the best and only integrated system for advertising agencies. The AD-IN-ONE approach covers any and every agency procedure from start to finish; for example first client contact, contract management, document flow, job management, budgeting, capacity planning, time and expense recording, invoicing and, of course, evaluating the performance of a single job or of the entire agency. This system is currently embraced by almost 100 agencies in 20 countries including large network agencies (Ogilvy & Mather, McCann, Publicis, Leo Burnett, Saatchi & Saatchi, Grey) and dozens of smaller and medium-sized independent agencies. The Mexican Association of Advertising Agencies (AMAP) brings together agencies which stand out due to their insightful strategic thinking, creative excellence, business ethics, quality of service and deep knowledge of the profession. The AMAP partners are amongst the biggest in Mexico, accounting for close to 80% of the total ad-spend in the country.
2015 ended with Ogilvy Dominicana giving a thumbs-up to our ad agency management system. And what better way to kickstart the new year than by winning our next Latin American client! We are pleased to welcome promising Mexican agency Labase. Labase proves that AD-IN-ONE is the perfect one-size-fits-all answer for all ad agencies. Whether it’s a giant international network with hundreds of users, a mid-sized agency like labase or a small boutique agency, AD-IN-ONE is the perfectly scalable solution. Perhaps it’s the right solution for you, too. So why not give it a go with a free demo?
McCann, Turkey
McCann Istanbul
McCann Istanbul has decided to power its business through the AD-IN-ONE agency system. With almost 90 people on board, it’s one of the biggest and most prestigious agencies in the Turkish market and we are thrilled to begin this journey with them. This is already the fifth McCann agency to come into our fold, after the Czech, Slovak, Polish and Cypriot branches of the McCann network, underlining our continued cooperation with this global giant. From our point of view, this collaboration is our entry ticket to the booming Turkish market, and an invitation to all other agencies to deploy this agency profit booster.
United, Romania
United is an advertising agency based in Romania with over 15 years of experience. The agency has decided to implement the AD-IN-ONE platform across all functions of its business – PR, Creative and Event. The key expectation and challenge is to increase client profitability in terms of spent and invoiced hours to clients. United isn’t alone. In fact, after GMP, Hippos, Ampro and Pastels, it is the 5th agency in Romania to embrace AD-IN-ONE. This only reinforces a simple message – employing AD-IN-ONE gives you total administrative and procedural control so you can focus your efforts on increasing creativity and profits.
Ogilvy & Mather, Fusion Multimedia, Dominican Republic
Ogilvy Dominicana
This will be short, but very intensive! Well, we shaked hands with Ogilvy Dominicana! This is an awesome leap in our development on the Latin American market and confirms that we have found the way to this continent. As the end of the year is quickly coming, you shouldn't postpone your decision. Do you want to enter to the year 2016 prepared? Do you want to keep all your jobs under control? Do you want to keep all deadlines for clients? And finally, do you want to achieve higher profits than now? Contact us to see how we can help you!
Delema McCann, Cyprus
DeLeMa McCann
The celebrations had barely dimmed after AD-IN-ONE made its Cyprus debut with Delema McCann - and now the proven ad agency management system has scored Gnomi Communication Consultants as its second client in this beautiful country. What’s AD-IN-ONE, you ask? Well, AD-IN-ONE is probably the most important employee you could ever recruit if you’re running an advertising / communication agency. Putting it simply, it’s an integrated agency management tool that’s designed to make your agency incredibly efficient and profitable. And how does it do it? AD-IN-ONE puts the entire agency workflow under a single roof, making retrieving any information a matter of few clicks. So, for example, maybe you’d like to know if a particular job was particularly profitable? Or perhaps you’re wondering if a certain client ever brought in a penny in profit? Well, the answers appear magically, thanks to AD-IN-ONE. And no, you don’t have to say abracadabra. The implementation of AD-IN-ONE in Gnomi Cyprus is well under way and everyone over there is looking forward to the usual perks and benefits of this excellent system. It usually takes about six weeks for AD-IN-ONE to be up and running - so by the time 2016 rolls in, Gnomi would already be reaping the benefits of embracing AD-IN-ONE. In fact, autumn is the best time to get acquainted with AD-IN-ONE, so that by the beginning of the following financial year, the system is already fully integrated with everyday life at the agency. Delema McCann can probably sing our praises better than we can. They’re already profiting from the system so much so they don’t know how they ever did without it. And if they had any concerns about how introducing a new system can disrupt the workings of a company, those fears were easily tossed out of the window. AD-IN-ONE project managers never leave the agency until each and every user is fully well-versed and comfortable with the system and is fluent in it like his or her mother tongue. The implementation is always smooth and painless, just like the software itself. And now with these two respectable clients in the pocket, AD-IN-ONE has its eyes set on many more in this region. “Cyprus could be our ticket to Greece. For us, the key to new markets is always the first reference client. After we have them on board and AD-IN-ONE is flowing through their company veins, their positive word of mouth always does the rest. So often we get huge interest from owners of agencies for our product simply because they’ve heard their friends and peers raving about AD-IN-ONE.”, explains Libor Cerny, Managing Director of AD-IN-ONE Europe.
Marco, Czech Republic
Marco BBN
Based in the city of Brno in the southern part of Czech Republic, Marco specialises in Branding, PR, On-line, Content and B2B marketing. Its most illustrious clients include FedEx, Brother and Home Credit. Marco belongs to the BBN International network and this makes things even more exciting. As is often the case, most of our new clients are usually the ones contacting us, thanks to the positive word-of-mouth generated from existing clients. Having a satisfied client in this multinational group could open doors to new countries and markets.
Gnomi, Cyprus
Gnomi Communication Consultants is an independent full service agency based in Nicosia, Cyprus. We are very excited to have such a lovely client on board. After making our debut with Delema McCann, this is our second breakthrough in this growing market and hopefully AD-IN-ONE can soon become the standard here, too. We’ll start implementing AD-IN-ONE in October and Gnomi can begin fully diving into our system at the beginning of 2016. Perfect timing, as it will coincide with the beginning of the new accounting year. So if AD-IN-ONE has been on your mind, maybe you should do what the Cypriots do - just get in touch.
After globetrotting across Europe, Latin America and more recently, the Middle East, AD-IN-ONE makes its first Oriental touch-down in Vietnam. Based out of the large city of Ho Ch Minh, the agency 2res is the latest to embrace AD-IN-ONE as its exclusive agency management solution. Leading the change is Mr Nguyen, CEO of 2res, who set up the agency after working for several years at Y&R Vietnam. Acknowledged among peers as a visionary adman, Mr Nguyen has very quickly led 2res to amass such international clients as Philip Morris with a growing team of 30 employees. Along with this phenomenal growth came the need for a tight control across all areas of operation. That’s when Mr Nguyen recruited probably his most valuable employee yet - AD-IN-ONE. With its proven track record and efficient single-cockpit system, AD-IN-ONE has set 2res on the path to become the most outstanding privately held ad agency in Vietnam. It is indeed our pleasure to gain a foothold in the Vietnamese market thanks to such a world-class agency. We hope this development marks the beginning of the next chapter in AD-IN-ONE’s success. Asia is a very promising market for us, and we hope to replicate our success in other continents, here. With Asian advertising business climbing at a steady rate, it’s our ambition to be the new gold standard when it comes to agency management solutions. Meanwhile we look forward to a speedy implementation of AD-IN-ONE at 2res, and to our continued cooperation with our new partner.
Balcony, United Arab Emirates
The Middle East has been on our marketing radar for quite some time. We’ve picked up some new converts and our latest efforts have yielded yet another partner - balcony8, Dubai. A passionate, multi-disciplinary communications agency, balcony8 services top-notch hospitality clients in the region. Known for its attention to detail and craftsmanship, the agency was impressed with the overall scope of AD-IN-ONE, besides the easy implementation and global agency know-how. Like most agencies, balcony8 too craved to have all agency functions and results on a single screen with the option to either get a broad overview or dive deep into the organisation data. Now with AD-INONE, that is possible with just a few clicks. Now with a second client in Dubai and third in the Middle East region, we are hungrier to forge new partnerships in this rapidly mushrooming market. With our experience and local references, it won’t be long before AD-IN-ONE matures from being the new kid on the block to the new agency standard.
Plano Gestao, Brazil
AD-IN-ONE, the industry leader in ad agency software solutions, and Plano Gestao, represented by Silvio Soledade - a top ad agency management consultant - join hands to turn Brazilian agencies more profitable by arming them with more operational and administrative control. After successfully developing tailor-made agency management software for the past 15 years, AD-IN-ONE’s expertise and knowhow continues to be sought by global giants like Ogilvy, McCann, Grey, Leo Burnett, Saatchi & Saatchi, Publicis, besides smaller and medium sized agencies. The solution addresses all agency needs - new business tracking, job management and budgets for clients, time and capacity planning, 3rd party costs, client billings, document management, creative file storage and countless other agency specific features. Strengthening its Brazilian foray is Plano Gestao, the top agency consultancy firm based in Sao Paolo. Its founder Silvio Soledade has spent many years honing his experience in the finance and management aspects of ad agencies. Currently he’s a valued member of the the advertising association APP. "Brazil is full of opportunities and it’s exciting for us to enter this fertile market and be part of a thrilling advertising landscape.", says Libor Cerny, Managing Director of AD-IN-ONE. “We are happy to unite our collective powers with Silvio - with him on board, we’ll be able to successfully introduce and implement AD-IN-ONE in Brazil and further supplement it with Silvio's extremely sharp and sought-after consultancy services. This is a remarkable value addition for any agency - to get a bespoke software solution with best practices and international knowhow accompanied by the wisdom of one of the top consultancy gurus. This will surely boost the profitability of any agency.", Cerny adds. Silvio chips in: "I feel this combination is extremely potent and fruitful - AD-IN-ONE is the perfect solution for ad agencies who want to spend less time doing paperwork and more time making money. It’s a must-have for every agency supremo." Currently the team is working round-the-clock on localising AD-IN-ONE for Brazil - this includes language, legal considerations and other country-specific adaptions. Meanwhile AD-IN-ONE is already serving its first reference clients. For more information please contact: Silvio Soledade, AD-IN-ONE Area Manager, Brazil Libor Cerny, AD-IN-ONE Managing Director
Endorfina, Poland
One of the most most successful Polish event agencies, Endorfina, has decide to join hands with AD-IN-ONE. The task for AD-IN-ONE, as always, would be to introduce order across multiple jobs, boost efficiency and, as a result, increase profitability. This becomes crucial as Endorfina is increasingly working with multiple international brands and companies, and hence needed a partner which understood the needs of a global market. This naturally led them to the globally proven agency solution, AD-IN-ONE For us, Endorfina is yet another feather in our growing Polish hat. AD-IN-ONE is almost the de-facto standard in this market - something that was always our ambition.
Nextep, Russia
In one small step, AD-IN-ONE has made a giant leap in the international landscape. With our latest client, Nextep, we’ve made our first mark in the world’s largest country, Russia. Nextep comes with some enviable credentials. Already 12 years on the market, the ever expanding agency needed to streamline their four legal entities. Their search for a comprehensive agency solution ended with AD-IN-ONE. Known for its professional approach, Nextep strives to be the most advanced and innovative agency around. With their newfound cooperation with AD-IN-ONE, that is almost a guarantee.
Poland is one of the home markets of AD-IN-ONE. Throughout the years, running ones agency on AD-IN-ONE has become quite a standard there. However, it always makes us happy to welcome on board another new client from this beautiful country. This time, it's LPT Group – an advertising / marketing agency specializing in events, advertising materials and delivering effective marketing strategies. LPT is based in Łódź and it's our first client from this city. Great news for our project managers which always like to see something new. We wish that the implementation of the solution would go as smooth as usual so that LPT can enjoy the control over the agency in less than 6 weeks.
ClickAd Interactive, Poland
Clickad Poland
Clickad Interactive, a creative media boutique from Warsaw, Poland has become AD-IN-ONE’s latest recruit. This boutique is a part of the wider Clickad SA holding, which includes Clickad Interactive, All4Affiliate, Click4Mobile and Clickonometrics. It services global brands like AXA, Yamaha and Volkswagen. We are thrilled to see yet another Polish client embrace the all-in-one agency solution, AD-IN-ONE.
AdPro Communications, Jordan
Success breeds success. Barely a month has passed since we joined hands with Pulsar from Dubai and we’ve already landed a second client from the Middle East. AdPro Communications, from Jordan, is a leading communication agency serving top notch brands since 1991. And with us, AdPro can only go faster and further. From time-sheet management to job management, our cooperation with AdPro will put all agency functions in one place, giving them enough control to do what they do best - being a Pro in the Middle East landscape.
Pulsar, United Arab Emirates
The Middle East has always been the next frontier with a never-ending appetite for growth. No wonder then that besides Latin America, this region is getting all our attention at the moment. Our efforts have paid off and we are proud to welcome aboard our first client from the United Arab Emirates - Pulsar. Dubai-based Pulsar is an activation agency which helps fresh brands to quickly find their feet on the market. Just glancing through their portfolio reveals the invaluable service this agency provides. To keep Pulsar at the pulse of profitability, AD-IN-ONE, the world's leading agency management software, will bring all its global expertise to a market we have set our eyes set on.
In August we welcomed two clients which represent important milestones for us. The first one - Pulsar - is from Middle East - the market we are currently focusing on. The second one - Jung von Matt/Tonghui - is from China. Furthermore, during August we launched brand new Web Traffic designed especially for Traffic and Creative department. For example filling time sheets has never been easier! To see whole newsletter please follow this link!
For a long time AD-IN-ONE has been recognized as an approved IBM Business Partner. To add some fresh leaves to this partnership AD-IN-ONE has recently been entered into well-known Global Solutions Directory. For AD-IN-ONE it is confirmation of rising global recognition due to successful expansion to different territories. AD-IN-ONE has fastly spread from Europe to all over the world. The markets we are currently focusing on are especially Eastern Europe, Middle East and Latin America. Thanks to the entrance to Global Solutions Directory, AD-IN-ONE is becoming more visible and therefore, expansion to those new target markets shall be easier for us. To see the record of AD-IN-ONE in Global Solutions Directory, please click on the IBM logo
July confirmed our successful expansion to new global markets. Our unique integrated ad agency management software solution will now service a bunch of new clients. One of these clients is Pastel from Romania. This is already our 4th client in this country. Next one is Ecuadorian Geometry Global which confirms our expansion to Ecuador. Isenta is a growing agency from Angola - this means our entrance to the African market as well. To see whole newsletter please follow this link!
Geometry Global, Ecuador
Geometry Global
Located in Quito, Ecuador, Geometry Global is a brand activation agency for the digital age. Part of the giant WPP group, this 25-strong team has been adding fizz to the Coca Cola brand. However as the agency brings new clients into its fold, they were faced with a new challenge - how to handle growth without letting it get out of hand. Their singular dilemma was capacity planning. Ensuring that the creative department isn’t overloaded was key to avoiding project delays. On the financial side, Geometry wanted to pull all financial procedures - purchase orders, purchase invoice and sales invoices - under one platform. Undoing these operational roadblocks seemed like wishful thinking. Thankfully Geometry found its genie in AD-IN-ONE. Francisco Borja, the head honcho of the agency shares his relief and excitement - “Even the most creative agency needs an equally intuitive operational backbone to survive. With AD-IN-ONE, we expect to know what everyone is doing and this will keep us on track to meet deadlines without delay. Also, my Account team will be in sync with my Creative team so traffic should flow more smoothly in the agency. Thanks to AD-IN-ONE, we will have a more powerfull tool by having all financial information in one single system.” This partnership is equally important for AD-IN-ONE. Libor Cerny, Managing Director, explains - “Our collaboration with Geometry is our second in Ecuador and underlines our growing domination in the Latin American market. This also highlights our continued association with another family - WPP. After servicing Ogilvy, Grey and the Geometry Global office in Prague, we are proud to embrace another WPP star in our constellation.”
Pastel, Romania
Pastel Romania
Pastel began as a dream of two enterprising young girls, Ioana and Dana, in 2006. That dream is now a 25 member strong network serving huge local and international clients through the entire Pastel Group - Pastel Age, Pastel Creative and Sport for Life. With constant growth came the constant need to wield better control over costs and billings across the entire group and manoeuvre it through a single ‘cockpit’. Another mounting challenge was to get a better grip over the internal capacity planning - the ability to minimise the gap between the number of hours spent on a job and the number of hours actually billed for it. For many agencies, this is the acid test for client profitability. Pastel passed this test thanks to AD-IN-ONE. Ioana Mucenic, agency founder, shares her enthusiasm - "We are thrilled to incorporate AD-IN-ONE into our daily proceedings. As we grow more and add more jobs, we need to bring everything under watertight control. AD-IN-ONE is a great tool to do just that as it addresses all agency areas - from profitability reports to capacity planning to client billing.” Partner and cofounder, Dana Popa, couldn’t agree more. "Another reason for embracing AD-IN-ONE is to align all incoming supplier costs with appropriate jobs. AD-IN-ONE equips us with easy approval procedures for cost allocation so we are assured of having all costs under control and tagged against proper jobs or agency cost budgets," adds Dana. With AD-IN-ONE set for being implemented in summer, Pastel becomes the fourth Romanian agency to swear by AD-IN-ONE. This is yet again proof of the quickly spreading belief in this region that AD-IN-ONE can be the single competitive edge for agencies hungry for success.
Ampro, Romania
Pros at work: AMPRO embraces AD-IN-ONE Leading Romanian Design Agency AMPRO became the latest member of the growing AD-IN-ONE family. Irinel Ionescu, agency owner, could barely conceal his optimism when he said: “We expect AD-IN-ONE to help us with all the manual work we do right now - to merge all excel sheets, word documents, time reports, jobs into one integrated solution so we can instead focus on our primary task - creating great work for the client.” To get things going, AD-IN-ONE is currently being implemented over April and May so the company can fully dive into the system by June. Mihaela Dumitrescu, AMPRO Client Service Director, has clear expectations from this transformation. "I am looking forward to having client profitability figures at my fingertips - currently we have to perform multiple steps to achieve this. Thanks to AD-IN-ONE this would be just a matter of few clicks. I am excited about introducing this system to our colleagues - it will be a big time saver and efficiency tool for us," she says. AD-IN-ONE is certainly flavour of the season in Romania. AMPRO’s signing comes close on the heels of two other Romanian firms placing their faith in the leading agency management tool - GMP Group and Hippos. As Libor Cerny, MD AD-IN-ONE explains:"Romania has quickly become a key market for us and the reasons for our success are quite simple - their mentality, approach and communication style is very similar to our own and no wonder we are on such good terms with our Romanian clients. This is one market we surely look forward to explore further." ABOUT AMPRO Founded in 2005, AMPRO DESIGN is a complex studio of brand & packaging creation, which provides the entire range of branding services. AMPRO dedicates their time to help client’s products to be noticed, to stand out and to sell. AMPRO does this by creating crystal clear brand strategies and by bringing those strategies to life through courageous design solutions.
Connectmedica, Poland
Yet another leading Polish agency, Connectmedica, has decided to hand over its day-today business affairs to AD-IN-ONE. With proven expertise that serves agencies across the world daily, AD-IN-ONE was easily chosen by the Connectmedica Board members as the ideal solution for their needs. Indepth knowledge and worldwide experience of AD-IN-ONE were factors that easily worked in our favour. A huge welcome to Connectmedica and here’s wishing the best to both of us.
Latin America
AD-IN-ONE tangoes into Latin America AD-IN-ONE, a fully integrated ad agency system kickstarts its Latin American hub to service the continent. The booming ‘America’ While the rest of the world is still stuttering to economic recovery, Latin America has taken a more confident leap to arguably emerge from the shadows of its northern neighbour. The advertising industry in this region has been feeding off this boom as businesses spread their wings both within and beyond the continent. For the agencies this obviously means more clients, more profits and more employees. But it also means more operational loose ends that need tying up. That’s where AD-IN-ONE comes in. AD-IN-ONE, the agency all-in-one AD-IN-ONE is an integrated agency management system that replaces multiple agency management tools with a single powerful, elegant and seamless solution. Whether it’s a full service, digital, PR, Event or Production agency, AD-IN-ONE single-handedly manages and synchronises all areas of operation - job management and budgeting for clients, time and capacity planning, time reporting, 3rd party costs, client billing, profitability reports, document management, creative file storage and integration with local accountancy systems. After a successful 15-year stint in Europe and elsewhere, this much sought-after agency management ninja is now available for Latin American agencies. Having successfully served its first clients in Ecuador and Mexico, AD-IN-ONE has established its own team directly on the continent. Think global, act local While the software is fully customised in Spanish, and soon in Portuguese, the implementation will be handled directly by the AD-IN-ONE LATAM office. This means that agencies are guaranteed the international know-how from the Prague headquarters while being assured of local support with respect to behaviours and habits. "The Latin American market is undoubtedly attractive for us. After meeting several agencies in the region, I’m confident we can help them become more profitable. The adverting business in this region is expanding phenomenally and as agencies perform more jobs, fetch more clients and hire more people, the key factors to preserve this success will be airtight internal procedures, powerful planning tools and especially the ability to identify the profitable clients from the rest." says Libor Cerny, Managing Director, AD-IN-ONE. "Additionally, our Latin American clients can benefit from our know-how gained from our worldwide implementation of AD-IN-ONE. They can also draw from our experienced team of 30 agency specialists on board in Prague via our local office there," adds Libor Cerny, who himself has been involved with AD-IN-ONE for the past 14 years. Roberto Romero, leader of the AD-IN-ONE LATAM team explains why he is such a passionate AD-IN-ONE evangelist. "I’ve personally witnessed how AD-IN-ONE works in several agencies in Europe - and I was impressed by the power and scope of this tool. It gives a perfect cockpit to agency owners and financial directors from where they get a broad, immediate and online overview of what’s going on in their agency. But this is just the tip of the iceberg - AD-IN-ONE helps you implement best agency approval procedures, capacity planning methods and gives greater control to the Account Management team by putting all jobs at their fingertips. Add to that the thoughtful implementation assistance of the AD-IN-ONE local team and you can be sure your agency will perform better on every parameter. You see why it’s hard for me not to rave about AD-IN-ONE” AD-IN-ONE puts Central in the Centre Clients couldn’t agree more. A recent convert to AD-IN-ONE, Eduardo Bonilla is the co-owner of Central, a dynamically growing agency in Ecuador. Eduardo adds: "Embracing AD-IN-ONE was a wise business decision. We took this plunge when we were a young agency of 10 people and right from the start we wanted to have all agency activities under control. AD-IN-ONE helped us design and streamline our internal procedures and structure. What we have now is a powerful solution where all agency operations are setup under one roof. I can instantly check if our creative department is overloaded. I have a constant overview of all jobs and budgets. I can track any missed billing deadlines and discover which jobs and clients make us money and which don’t. Even after having grown to a 30-people operation, I still have a good night’s sleep - all thanks to AD-IN-ONE.” Not software, but solutions Almost 200 agencies across the globe currently run their businesses on AD-IN-ONE. This number keeps swelling by almost 20-30 clients a year. So what gives AD-IN-ONE such a distinct edge over competitors? The fact that they deliver technology with a human touch. Their implementation of best agency practices is followed by hands-on training of users and continued support. No surprise then that agencies, big or small, continue to swear by AD-IN-ONE. Ogilvy, McCann, Saatchi & Saatchi, Publicis, Leo Burnett, Grey are just some of those loyal and satisfied clients. Say hello For more information, visit and get in touch one of the AD-IN-ONE specialists. Libor Cerny, AD-IN-ONE Europe - Headquarters, Managing Director, libor.cerny (at) Roberto Romero, AD-IN-ONE LATAM, Team Leader, roberto.romero (at)
It’s time to add the latest feather in our Latin American hat.
It’s time to add the latest feather in our Latin American hat. Following the footsteps of its peers, top Mexican hot shop, Strategia, has decided to bring AD-IN-ONE home. The vows have been said and Strategia is on its way to be steered towards further success and growth, thanks to this agency all-in-one. Strategia’s 20-man team is already looking forward to spike their productivity levels. And that includes their creative brainpower too, who are already falling in love with the easy time tracking options. “It’s something I used to hate, and now I can’t wait to fill time sheets on my iPad on the way home. ”, one of them confesses. For agency owner Arody Strategia, the future looks bright with the new addition to his workforce. He expects a clear efficiency across all internal processes and is itching to have all financial data and all information about ongoing jobs, at his fingertips. But mostly he’s looking forward to a better sleep at the end of the day, thanks to AD-IN-ONE. For AD-IN-ONE, adding Strategia to its growing bouquet of Latin America clients proves that its decision to enter this market was a sound one. Agencies here are constantly looking for a better way to do business. AD-IN-ONE recognises this need and is fully committed to going full throttle to serve this burgeoning market with its time tested, yet tailor made tool. Roberto Romero, head of the AD-IN-ONE Latin America team says it best - “We are thrilled to welcome yet another LatAm client. There is vast, yet untapped potential for for strategic partnerships between us and agencies here. Most of them are already doing great creative work and all they need is to keep doing more of that while we keep pulling the operational strings that can make any agency more profitable.” About Strategia Started in 2005 in the state of Sonora, Mexico, Strategia has catapulted into one of the biggest agencies in the region, already adjudged as the best agency in Northern Mexico for 2014. Their mission is simple - to help companies grow by guiding them through new horizons and new markets aided by world-class creative creative campaigns that always speak to the intended audience. About AD-IN-ONE AD-IN-ONE is an integrated management solution purely tailored for advertising agencies. It addresses the whole workflow of daily tasks for everyone in the agency - receptionist to CEO. Agencies benefit from minimised non-billable admin work whilst increasing billable time and overall agency profitability and performance.
CG AMK, Poland
It’s surprising to believe that a thriving Polish agency that has successfully executed over 1400 projects for their clients, is manned only by a 10-member team. However, even small agencies have big ambitions. It took CG AMK just two weeks to be convinced that AD-IN-ONE could be the ideal partner in growth. This is a perfect example where even small agencies could benefit from a robust management tool to keep a tab on everything. We’re already looking forward to kickstart even more mutual success.
Communication Unlimited, Poland
We’re thrilled to announce that one of the leading Polish advertising agencies has come into our fold. Having dominated the Polish advertising landscape for over two decades, Communication Unlimited had grown to a point where its size necessitated agility. A few months of testing led to outright trust and AD-IN-ONE is now their sole supplier of integrated agency management software. Their main reason for choosing AD-IN-ONE? A flexible system that can quickly adapt to the changing needs of a swelling agency. We wish both sides a highly successful and long term cooperation.
AD-IN-ONE keeps expanding – Ecuadorian agency Central employs AD-IN-ONE agency software to manage its burgeoning growth. Central is a young, dynamic agency located in the largest city of Ecuador, Santiago de Guayaquil. Mostly it services the challenging demands of the banking sector. The agency is growing phenomenally, as proven by its swelling clients and employees. Such rapid expansion needed comprehensive control over all areas of operation - job tracking, financial accounts and all related documentation. Thankfully the agency had to look no further than AD-IN-ONE. Implemented across agency channels and employees, the software will support and encourage collaboration between all users and departments, especially the Account and Creative teams. Central laid down very precise parameters in their hunt for an agency management tool - tailor-made advertising agency solutions, deep knowhow and understanding about the inner workings of the industry and successful experience with worldwide implementation. Needless to say, AD-IN-ONE ticked all boxes. “We are very pleased that Central has chosen AD-IN-ONE. This collaboration gives us a foothold into the growing Latin American market - something that was our ambition for a while. Our mutually agreed close cooperation will be beneficial to both companies.” admits Libor Cerny, Managing Director of AD-IN-ONE. The implementation of AD-IN-ONE for Latin America involves complete bespoke localisation at all levels - translation to Spanish language, financial documents adjustment and adapting to other local needs and habits.
GMP Group, a leading Romanian independent agency group ( ) has decided to implement the AD-IN-ONE agency management software. AD-IN-ONE will be deployed across all five units of the group and will coordinate the entire team of 102 employees. Ivan Petrův, CEO AD-IN-ONE said, "We are very pleased to welcome GMP Group into our family of clients. This cooperation is an encouraging hint to all Romanian agencies that struggle due to lower margins and over servicing of demanding clients in this difficult economic climate." Libor Černý, Managing Director AD-IN-ONE added, "Lately, large agencies like GMP Group are getting more and more curious about AD-IN-ONE. They realise that with clients lowering their budgets but increasing their demands, staying lean is the only way to remain profitable. In this scenario, the agency which knows how to measure its performance knows how to win. Most systems that agencies currently use simply fail in realtime profitability management. But AD-IN-ONE does this very well and hence our clients gain a significant advantage over their competitors." Needless to say, representatives of the GMP Group appreciate the fact that AD-IN-ONE is a fully integrated agency management tool. The entire system shall be set up separately for every unit to meet the unique needs of the full-service agency, and likewise, of the Digital, PR and other units of GMP.
Warsaw, Sept. 19th We are very pleased to announce today that leading Polish digital agency OS3 has chosen AD-IN-ONE as its agency management solution. OS3 specializes in developing strategies, building client image and creating lasting relationships with between agency clients, brands and customers, via the Internet and new media. Robert Szelembaum, Head of AD-IN-ONE operations in Poland says: "The AD-IN-ONE team is planning to implement AD-IN-ONE software for all of OS3’s 45 employees over 8 weeks, from the start of the project. We at AD-IN-ONE are very happy to welcome it as our newest client in Poland."
AD-IN-ONE is happy to announce McCann Erickson Cyprus (DeLeMa Group) has decided to adopt AD-IN-ONE's software solution. McCann Erickson Cyprus (DeLeMa Group) has been in need of an integrated management solution, to solve various typical agency's business issues. Even though this 40 employee agency are using SAP BusinessOne for their finance tool, the other agency teams and department really lacked quick access to important information and reports. The non-financial teams needed real-time access to job management information, accurate client profitability reports, tools to avoid overservicing demanding clients, plan resources easily and eliminate naturally created chaos in documents, layouts and other information. DeLeMa decided to cooperate with AD-IN-ONE based on positive references from other McCann offices and as well as the outstanding features of the product. DeLeMa put integration of AD-IN-ONE and SAP BusinessOne as a critical requirement for this project. Libor Cerny, Managing Director of AD-IN-ONE Europe says:"We are very glad to welcome McCann Erickson / Delema Group amongst our latest clients. Such a fast decision to go with AD-IN-ONE from a medium sized agency in a small country is a clear signal to other similar agencies in the McCann Worldgroup and other global agency networks. The nice thing about the project is that AD-IN-ONE will be adjusted and customized to needs of the Cyprus agency. We would like to hand over the core of the solution into production within next 6-8 weeks." Ivan Petruv, Chairman of the Board of AD-IN-ONE Europe a.s. adds: "After succesful and fast deployments of AD-IN-ONE in McCann Erickson, Momentum and MRM in the Czech Republic, McCann Erickson Group in Poland and Mayer / McCann Erickson in Slovakia, AD-IN-ONE solution has proven its ability to be deployed in agency of any size, any country, any language. I am very glad that AD-IN-ONE is now available to all McCann Worldgroup companies who are in need of a quickly deployed operational software. People in McCann offices can finally say good bye to endless reporting in MS Excel and frustration with non-integrated job tracking and timesheet applications." Thanks to close cooperation between AD-IN-ONE and McCann Worldgroup now McCann agencies globally as well their affiliated agencies can have access to a world class software solution, specifically developed for the advertising industry. As AD-IN-ONE is currently available in multiple languages, we are very happy to service agencies from smaller countries who usually do not have the access to any industry specific operational software. AD-IN-ONE is an integrated management solution purely tailored for advertising agencies. It covers the whole workflow of daily tasks for everyone in the agency, from receptionist to company owner. It helps agencies to minimize non-billable admin work whilst increasing billable time and overall agency profitabilty and performance. Delema Group is the largest communication group in Cyprus, affiliated with McCann Erickson network. The agency services clients such as Bank of Cyprus, American Express and provides public relations, corporate communication, as well as BTL services.
Brain Juice, Poland
Warsaw 24/2/2012 AD-IN-ONE is very proud to announce our latest client win in Poland, Brain Juice. The fast growing digital agency Brain Juice Group based in Warsaw, have decided to purchase AD-IN-ONE as their agency management software solution. After a fierce and tough competitive pre sales, AD-IN-ONE was picked as a trusted and world class solution that Brain Juice can really rely on over the coming years. Brain Juice decided to go ahead with AD-IN-ONE not only because of it's deep knowledge and expertise in the management of advertising businesses, but also because AD-IN-ONE was able to submit many well known and established clients, who were able to give excellent references on the solution within the local market. About Brain Juice Group Poland Brain Juice Group offers services in all aspects of internet marketing. Their services are available for all types of business and cover the global market. Brain Juice Group aims to offer their best solution always and ensure the highest level of professional service, whilst building a competitive world-class digital marketing service agency group. Clients include: Samsung, SIEMENS, Bosch, ING, Ernst & Young, DHL, Discovery Channel, AGIP, Office Dept. etc.
Dublin 25/1/2012 Today we are very pleased to announce that Chemistry Ireland have decided to buy AD-IN-ONE as their agency management solution... Chemistry are Ireland’s most creative agency. With an unmatched record in ICAD, the Irish creative awards, they are also the only Irish agency to have won at Cannes, D&AD and the One Show. At Chemistry, they believe a powerful creative idea can change the world. Because it can not only change how people think and feel, it can also change their behaviour. Chemistry love to create work that is visually beautiful. They love to create work that is controversial, work that gets people talking. And Chemistry love to create work that engages on a deep emotional level, or simply makes you laugh. But above all they love work that works, We at AD-IN-ONE are very happy to welcome them as our newest client in Ireland! Read more
Prague 21/12/2011 Czech agency Kaspen Jung v.Matt have chosen agency information system AD-IN-ONE for managing their processes, jobs and creative work. Kaspen Jung v. Matt belongs to the Jung von Matt family - one of the most creative agencies in Europe. Currently the most famous Kaspen campaigns are those for Budweiser Budvar (Bob and Dave), Kofola or Pribinacek. We in AD-IN-ONE thanks Kaspen for their trust in our company and we look forward to long-term cooperation.
Warsaw 20/10/2011 AD-IN-ONE have successfully completed the implementation process within their latest Polish marketing & creative agency, Brand Support. This mid-size agency decided to purchase AD-IN-ONE after evaluating several other solutions. AD-IN-ONE was chosen as the solution which best fits their advertising business needs and expectations. AD-IN-ONE information system was implemented within a few weeks of purchase and the whole agency is already benefitting from the AD-IN-ONE profitable and productive processes. We all at AD-IN-ONE give thanks to the Brand Support team for great cooperation during the project and look forward to a long and successful partnership together.
Prague 5/9/2011 After over a year of researching the alternatives, VCCP Prague has decided to go with AD-IN-ONE's advertising agency software solution, a business process management (BPM) solution designed to improve their project management, job profitability, costing and efficiency. VCCP Prague, opened in 2010 by VCCP International, serves European telecommunication giant Telefonica O2. The agency is led by Managing Director Helena de la Barre and Creative Director Dejan Stajnberger. AD-IN-ONE's Senior Business Development Director, Tim Addison, said "We're happy VCCP based their decision, in part on references, as during our 12 years of existance, we haven't lost a single customer and it's something we are truly proud of." About VCCP VCCP is an independent international advertising agency group with offices in The UK, Germany, The Czech Republic, and Qatar. It builds brands with its 10 basic principles, talent and unlimited creativity. Their clients include: O2, Uniliver, CoCa-Cola, McDodonald's, The Times, MTV, METRO, VISA, TEXACO, Roche, Barclays, Microsoft, News of the World, etc.
Prague 5/8/2011 AD-IN-ONE's multinational, multilingual advertising agency software solution, has been chosen by McCann Worldwide to handle all agency operations and workflows in one integrated solution for multiple agencies in the EMEA region. Tim Addison, AD-IN-ONE's senior director of global business development said. “We are delighted to work with McCann Worldgroup and we look forward to showcasing our skills further in the future around driving much needed, integration and unification for multinational advertising agencies in general.” AD-IN-ONE will begin with roll outs in Prague and Warsaw where it will increase efficiencies and streamline McCann’s day-to-day business, as well as plug into McCann’s various systems for global reporting and local taxation such as SAP. Built on an IBM platform and run mostly on Mac, AD-IN-ONE is noted for its stable, scalable and individually configurable solution, as well as its speed of deployment which is normally less than 6 weeks compared with an industry standard of 3 months. Addison notes that “Although, AD-IN-ONE is now seeing recent rapid expansion, it is important to mention that we have not lost a single customer in its 12 years. This is in part because we work as partners with our clients such as McCann. Our Ad agency software evolves together with them, as well as IBM, in order to accommodate trends in this dynamic and creative industry.”
Prague 30/6/2011 AD-IN-ONE announces the launch of AD-IN-ONE Academy, a major shift in personalised user training. AD-IN-ONE Academy is a comprehensive online self-service e-learning system which contains more than 150 short screencam videos carefully composed into lessons and equiped with search and keywords function, covering every detail of working with the AD-IN-ONE system. The application simulates daily agency work of each position, and contains help videos and screencams of all important activites agency employees face on a day to day basis. Everybody in the agency, from the receptionist to the CEO can now easily find what tools AD-IN-ONE contains to make their work more efficient and easy. AD-IN-ONE Academy, in development since 2010, now offers lessons in 16 languages. We are very happy that we can offer this online help to our clients and decrease their training costs as well as deliver efficient and quality personalised training on the ground. Together with our 24x7 customer service, AD-IN-ONE Academy increases the outstanding experience of AD-IN-ONE customer service. For more info please contact
Prague 2/6/2011 AD-IN-ONE is happy to announce the release of a new digital asset management module - the AD-IN-ONE Creative Library. The software lets agencies easily categorise, sort, and search all their creative work. The AD-IN-ONE Creative library connects layouts, pictures, links, and videos with it's associated client name, brand, creative director name, keywords, etc. The asset can be then easily searched and attached to a new AD-IN-ONE job bag. The AD-IN-ONE Creative library works with common shared drives on agency file servers and does not require the purchase of any additional hardware or software. It is an excellent way to capitalise on investment sunk into creative work not chosen by clients when used as a quick source for new pitches or inspiration. Some agencies are even using it to store the artwork of their competition.
Prague 28/4/2011 We are happy to announce the launch of the new version of the AD-IN-ONE Traffic Management module. Traffic managers (or whoever is in charge of task assignment) can now better balance the capacity of their creative teams, distribute tasks easier, and no longer have to worry about misunderstandings between account and creative departments. The software is designed for small- and medium-sized agencies as well as for larger agencies which share creative teams across multiple business units. The built-in automated workflow improves versioning and routing of creative briefs and debriefs. With the simple one-click timesheeet function, the new version of the software frees creative people from annoying and lengthy timesheet administration. "We use it to book and coordinate of dozens of creatives which we share amongst our 12 business units. " - Markéta Sulovská Traffic Manager Ogilvy One "This tool helps me deliver our campaigns on time and saves me from having to write tons of emails everyday"
Praha 23.3.2011 AD-IN-ONE was asked to be the Gold Partner and to speak at the Czech national marketing conference Catch & Care organized by the Win-Win Institute. How to catch customers and take care of them, is the theme of the conference. Some of the most notable in advertising and marketing will be key speakers at this conference - Petr Pištělák from Profit Booster, Ladislav Trpák from Advertures, Tomáš Jindříšek from Ogilvy Interactive. The event will be held March 31, 2011 at the Mövenpick Hotel in Prague, and is to be followed by an after party with all the speakers. More information available at look forward to seeing you there !
Scenografie, Czech Republic
Prague, Czech, 01.03.2011 Scenografie - A leading Czech design and production company for events, promotions and exhibitions including television production has chosen AD-IN-ONE. "After two years of using another system we realised that it does not meet our needs or solve all the issues we expected. An advantage of AD-IN-ONE is the possibility to use various languages and currencies for our financial documents. For a company like us who deals with foreign clients and foreign suppliers, these functions are crucial. As well, I've discovered another big advantage and that is the direct connection between AD-IN-ONE's accounting software and our bank. We are sure this will give us easier and greater control. Our workflow is similar to the workflow of an advertising agency so we know the system will cover our needs. We expect AD-IN-ONE will improve our efficiency and oversight but also provide a tool for our entire staff to work with. We're sure AD-IN-ONE will help us with our company's expansion without an increase in personnel costs." Matěj Palouš, Director
Dragon Rouge, Poland
Dragon Rouge
Warsaw, Poland, 28.02.2011 Dragon Rouge Poland announced that they have chosen AD-IN-ONE's agency solution. Dragon Rouge decided to go with AD-IN-ONE after a long evaluation of various solution providers."We decided to go with AD-IN-ONE because they have a proven record in providing first class solutions for agencies" says Małgorzata Pawlik-Leniarska, Managing Director in Dragon Rouge. "With AD-IN-ONE, we have a complete toolbox that enables us to manage our agency in a very effective way. We want to monitor all aspects of the agency - from traffic management to the real-time profitability of ongoing jobs" continues Małgorzata Pawlik-Leniarska. Dragon Rouge is a global agency, with 6 offices in Europe focused on brand strategy, design and innovation.
Leopard Production, Slovakia
Leopard Production
Prague 15.2.2011 Slovak production agency, Leopard Production, chose AD-IN-ONE as their job and evidence realization system solution provider. "As a production agency, we routinely work with huge amounts of incoming data from suppliers, which results in every job being a complicated coordination of costs. Therefore, we decided to use AD-IN-ONE because it clarifies our workload and gives us real-time reporting of results, which helps us utilize our clients' resources much more effectively. Thanks to AD-IN-ONE, we are now able to immediately measure our profitability by client, or even that of a single job. Also, we can now easily follow how much we have spent with each of our suppliers. Equally important has been the seamless integration of AD-IN-ONE with our accounting software, which has secured the accuracy and completeness of the data we need to run our company." said Tomáš Ručkay, Managing director of Leopard Production
Digitask, Slovakia
Prague 15.01.2011 is a top digital agency in Slovakia that is focused on both creative and buying & planning activities in interactive advertising and media. "AD-IN-ONE was a clear choice for organizing the workload of the creative division, where it would obviously help with budgeting, job management, and profitability tracking. AD-IN-ONE was also chosen because of our mutual ambition to adjust AD-IN-ONE for the needs of the media division, so that it would serve as tool for tracking the profitability of our media campaigns, monitoring the volume of purchased media, and to measure the overall success of in this growing segment of the advertising business…" says Petra Holeczyova, Managing Director.
EDDA, Poland
Warszawa 27.10.2010 EDDA Poland, part of The Brand Design Club, has chosen AD-IN-ONE for their agency in Warsaw. "It was important for us to find a partner that really understood our business and was able to do a fast implementation and training of our staff... Another key element was to implement a system that could easily integrate into our existing accounting system. AD-IN-ONE just did that and much more... The ability to monitor all activities in real-time was a big plus for us" says Grzegorz Kieslich, Managing Director of EDDA Poland. "We now have a clear view of the status of all ongoing projects and their profitability".
Tim Addison, Director of Global Business Development and Ivan Petruv, Managing Director of AD-IN-ONE spoke about agency software, profitability and competitive advantages, at this year's E-Forum Media 2010 conference in Prague on October 25. E-Forum Media 2010 also included Sir Martin Sorrell, Cheif Executive of WPP, as the keynote speaker. To learn more about the event please visit the official homepage of Forum Media 2010 here
Translation of an article published in Strategie Slovakia on February 2009
The agencies that have adopted this system (Mayer / McCann Erickson, Wiktor Leo Burnett), and the supplier, a Czech company, AD-IN-ONE Europe a.s., both agree that AD-IN-ONE (derived from advertising-in-one) – which is the name of their operational software – has very few things common in with the giant SAP. “At some point, most agencies will deal with the question of information, economic, accounting and management systems. Most agencies rely on reports from accounting software. These, however, do not meet the requirements of agency management. That is why the internal agency systems are often swapped for “home-made” solutions. Only in rare cases do these agencies develop their own complex systems. At a certain point a problem occurs: how can we monitor jobs on the fly, including economical and accounting data, but by people handling client service, being non-accountants? This is not possible without a superior yet easy to use “operational system”. After researching the Czech and European markets we found that there are very few systems specialized for the needs of advertising agencies, so the decision was made to go with AD-IN-ONE, based on product, support and price”, describes Ales Kohut, managing director of Mayer / McCann Erickson. What is AD-IN-ONE? According to AD-IN-ONE Europe, it is a complex software system for the entire agenda of advertising agencies and specialized companies from the marketing communication industry (full service, direct marketing, PR, production, digital agencies, marketing agencies and creative and graphic studios). The system is positioned as end-to-end operational software - based on integrated administration and the flow of agency documents, job registration, employee capacity planning, costs administration, timesheets and others. “Because in early 90’s we ourselves worked in a full-service advertising agency, we dealt with the same problems and questions that the AD-IN-ONE system was later created for. Similar systems that we came across at that time and are coming across now are terribly technical, complicated and full of features we knew we were never going to use. That’s why our goal was to design a system that would be user friendly and at the same time, meet all the managerial requirements for this specific industry,” says the Managing Director of AD-IN-ONE Europe, Ivan Petruv. The AD-IN-ONE system contains 14 modules that can be configured according to the specific needs of any given agency: business opportunities, contacts, company documents, job system, traffic, timesheets, creative library, knowledge base, attendance, cashbox, invoice administration, budgeting and reporting. Usually the brief from the client is the first input into this system that successively – on different levels of management and control – monitors the progression of a job through every department through to invoicing. Every position in the agency – from the owner or director through account managers, creative department, production, finance department, traffic and reception – has its own space defined with tools and competencies which make the system transparent and the agency becomes fully controllable. AD-IN-ONE is compatible with both Mac and PC is multilingual and allows remote access, as well. What is it good for? “Above all the system delivers order and control and it is invaluable for management to get a real–time overview of the agency, its cash-flow and profitability. This is especially important in our agency which has external accounting and so such an overview was only possible with one month time delay” says Ales Kohut. Other benefit of the system for agency management is the monitoring of costs and profitability of individual clients and jobs. “The system unambiguously shows the efficiency of account managers’ work, for example, after it processes timesheets (man-hours) and overhead, it can show where a client that generates a huge turnover, creates almost zero revenue: a signal which may indicate that it would be more effective to get three smaller clients with a higher margin, rather than one hard–to–serve client with low profitability. Above all, it is a effective managerial tool, essential in the present era of lowering budgets” say Ivan Petruv. The system is also an answer to keeping up the continuity of individual performances in an industry with a relative high employee turnover rate of around 20 – 30% p.a. Another significant factor is the control. “In agencies with more than 20 employees, multilevel management structures start to appear and personal interests create risks that might get hidden. Especially on small markets, such as the Czech or Slovak republics where everyone knows each other, we often meet various kinds of hidden provisions and kickbacks at the expense of agency. These negative phenomenon can be detected thanks to the transparent flow of information” sums up Ivan Petruv. It is clear that a system whose price starts at approximately 25 thousands EUR is mainly effective for agencies with at least two dozens of employees and not for companies with 3 to 5 employees. Questions for… Peter Kontra, Managing Director of Wiktor Leo Burnett Your agency used a similar Austrian system. Why did you decide to change it? Peter Kontra: The Leading job system was adopted in Wiktor Leo Burnett in the early 90’s and it is quite possible that we were the first agency in the Slovak market to have a broadcast ERP system. Qualiant as the supplier of this system failed to convince us that they can keep up with innovating the product according to our requirements. WHAT DOES STRATEGY SLOVAKIA THINK? As the agencies that have adopted this system in Slovak republic confirm, this or other similar systems can be a new tool for management that significantly strenghten the ability of an agency to orientate themselves on profitable jobs and to control the agency operations as well as to have an overview of what’s going on in agency – and all of that in real-time. The range, available support, knowledge of advertising industry, company references and price / performance ratio of AD-IN-ONE can be a significant advantage in comparison with other systems like Qualiant (Austria) or Maconomy (Denmark) for agencies that have not developed their own, similarly sophisticated system (i.e. Istropolitana Ogilvy (p.s. in 2010 migrated to AD-IN-ONE)).
Prague June 6th, 2010 Biggest agency in Slovakia - Istropolitana Ogilvy decided to deploy AD-IN-ONE. The system is planned to be implemented in 6 weeks only. Istropolitana Ogilvy is happy that AD-IN-ONE will replace its legacy software and will help company to track job profitability better. Istropolitana Ogilvy decided to implement AD-IN-ONE based on good experience from other agencies in Slovakia and from Czech Republics as well. AD-IN-ONE will avoid douple input due to integration with local accounting software and save significant amount of time and resources.
Prague March 5th, 2010 Management of Publicis Knut Slovakia decided to go with AD-IN-ONE and deploy it in all four companies of the group. The system is planned to be implemented in 4 weeks only in all four companies. Management of the agency expects from AD-IN-ONE to boost company internal efficiency and profitability. Publicis Knut Slovakia decided to implement AD-IN-ONE based on good experience with it in Publicis Czech Republic. The system will avoid douple input due to integration with local accounting software. AD-IN-ONE will bring to Publicis Knut Slovakia best practices from other agencies integrated in the product, improve company processes and agency operational excellence.
Prague January 2nd, 2010 Leader in Czech Republic healthcare communication industry Medica Healthcare decided to implement AD-IN-ONE. The project is going to unify and tighten business processes in all of their companies in the Czech Republic. "The system will allow us instant and tight supervision on jobs profitability as well as increase productivity of our staff" says Robert Laciga, manager of Medica Healthcare, part of WPP and Ogilvy Healthworld. AD-IN-ONE will be deployed in three locations and 4 legal units and used by 60 users. The project is planned to be finished in 6 weeks since signature of the contract. AD-IN-ONE is going to be integrated with local accountancy software MRP to avoid any double work.
...available in english, russian, bulgarian, romanian, polish, czech, slovak, chinese and other languages.
Deployed in all 5 units, unified reporting and integration to local accounting software AD-IN-ONE offers great value and ROI.
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