Brain Juice, Poland
Warsaw 24/2/2012

AD-IN-ONE is very proud to announce our latest client win in Poland, Brain Juice.

The fast growing digital agency Brain Juice Group based in Warsaw, have decided to purchase AD-IN-ONE as their agency management software solution. After a fierce and tough competitive pre sales, AD-IN-ONE was picked as a trusted and world class solution that Brain Juice can really rely on over the coming years.

Brain Juice decided to go ahead with AD-IN-ONE not only because of it's deep knowledge and expertise in the management of advertising businesses, but also because AD-IN-ONE was able to submit many well known and established clients, who were able to give excellent references on the solution within the local market.

About Brain Juice Group Poland
Brain Juice Group offers services in all aspects of internet marketing. Their services are available for all types of business and cover the global market. Brain Juice Group aims to offer their best solution always and ensure the highest level of professional service, whilst building a competitive world-class digital marketing service agency group. Clients include: Samsung, SIEMENS, Bosch, ING, Ernst & Young, DHL, Discovery Channel, AGIP, Office Dept. etc.

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