Central, Ecuador
AD-IN-ONE keeps expanding – Ecuadorian agency Central employs AD-IN-ONE agency software to manage its burgeoning growth.

Central is a young, dynamic agency located in the largest city of Ecuador, Santiago de Guayaquil. Mostly it services the challenging demands of the banking sector. The agency is growing phenomenally, as proven by its swelling clients and employees.

Such rapid expansion needed comprehensive control over all areas of operation - job tracking, financial accounts and all related documentation. Thankfully the agency had to look no further than AD-IN-ONE. Implemented across agency channels and employees, the software will support and encourage collaboration between all users and departments, especially the Account and Creative teams.

Central laid down very precise parameters in their hunt for an agency management tool - tailor-made advertising agency solutions, deep knowhow and understanding about the inner workings of the industry and successful experience with worldwide implementation. Needless to say, AD-IN-ONE ticked all boxes.

“We are very pleased that Central has chosen AD-IN-ONE. This collaboration gives us a foothold into the growing Latin American market - something that was our ambition for a while. Our mutually agreed close cooperation will be beneficial to both companies.” admits Libor Cerny, Managing Director of AD-IN-ONE.

The implementation of AD-IN-ONE for Latin America involves complete bespoke localisation at all levels - translation to Spanish language, financial documents adjustment and adapting to other local needs and habits.

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