Prague 30/6/2011

AD-IN-ONE announces the launch of AD-IN-ONE Academy, a major shift in personalised user training. AD-IN-ONE Academy is a comprehensive online self-service e-learning system which contains more than 150 short screencam videos carefully composed into lessons and equiped with search and keywords function, covering every detail of working with the AD-IN-ONE system.

The application simulates daily agency work of each position, and contains help videos and screencams of all important activites agency employees face on a day to day basis. Everybody in the agency, from the receptionist to the CEO can now easily find what tools AD-IN-ONE contains to make their work more efficient and easy.

AD-IN-ONE Academy, in development since 2010, now offers lessons in 16 languages. We are very happy that we can offer this online help to our clients and decrease their training costs as well as deliver efficient and quality personalised training on the ground. Together with our 24x7 customer service, AD-IN-ONE Academy increases the outstanding experience of AD-IN-ONE customer service.

For more info please contact info@ad-in-one.com

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