Leopard Production, Slovakia
Leopard Production
Prague 15.2.2011

Slovak production agency, Leopard Production, chose AD-IN-ONE as their job and evidence realization system solution provider.

"As a production agency, we routinely work with huge amounts of incoming data from suppliers, which results in every job being a complicated coordination of costs. Therefore, we decided to use AD-IN-ONE because it clarifies our workload and gives us real-time reporting of results, which helps us utilize our clients' resources much more effectively. Thanks to AD-IN-ONE, we are now able to immediately measure our profitability by client, or even that of a single job. Also, we can now easily follow how much we have spent with each of our suppliers. Equally important has been the seamless integration of AD-IN-ONE with our accounting software, which has secured the accuracy and completeness of the data we need to run our company." said Tomáš Ručkay, Managing director of Leopard Production

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