Prague 28/4/2011

We are happy to announce the launch of the new version of the AD-IN-ONE Traffic Management module. Traffic managers (or whoever is in charge of task assignment) can now better balance the capacity of their creative teams, distribute tasks easier, and no longer have to worry about misunderstandings between account and creative departments. The software is designed for small- and medium-sized agencies as well as for larger agencies which share creative teams across multiple business units. The built-in automated workflow improves versioning and routing of creative briefs and debriefs. With the simple one-click timesheeet function, the new version of the software frees creative people from annoying and lengthy timesheet administration.

"We use it to book and coordinate of dozens of creatives which we share amongst our 12 business units. " - Markéta Sulovská Traffic Manager Ogilvy One "This tool helps me deliver our campaigns on time and saves me from having to write tons of emails everyday"

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