Ampro, Romania
Pros at work: AMPRO embraces AD-IN-ONE

Leading Romanian Design Agency AMPRO became the latest member of the growing AD-IN-ONE family. Irinel Ionescu, agency owner, could barely conceal his optimism when he said: “We expect AD-IN-ONE to help us with all the manual work we do right now - to merge all excel sheets, word documents, time reports, jobs into one integrated solution so we can instead focus on our primary task - creating great work for the client.”

To get things going, AD-IN-ONE is currently being implemented over April and May so the company can fully dive into the system by June.

Mihaela Dumitrescu, AMPRO Client Service Director, has clear expectations from this transformation. "I am looking forward to having client profitability figures at my fingertips - currently we have to perform multiple steps to achieve this. Thanks to AD-IN-ONE this would be just a matter of few clicks. I am excited about introducing this system to our colleagues - it will be a big time saver and efficiency tool for us," she says.

AD-IN-ONE is certainly flavour of the season in Romania. AMPRO’s signing comes close on the heels of two other Romanian firms placing their faith in the leading agency management tool - GMP Group and Hippos. As Libor Cerny, MD AD-IN-ONE explains:"Romania has quickly become a key market for us and the reasons for our success are quite simple - their mentality, approach and communication style is very similar to our own and no wonder we are on such good terms with our Romanian clients. This is one market we surely look forward to explore further."

Founded in 2005, AMPRO DESIGN is a complex studio of brand & packaging creation, which provides the entire range of branding services. AMPRO dedicates their time to help client’s products to be noticed, to stand out and to sell. AMPRO does this by creating crystal clear brand strategies and by bringing those strategies to life through courageous design solutions.

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