"AD-IN-ONE was chosen and deployed as the fully integrated management software in all business units. Currently, over 60 people are successfully using it at the McCann Erickson Prague Office"

The McCann Erickson Prague office had used several non-integrated legacy software solutions for years. There was one for job costing, another for time sheets, besides plenty getting done through MS Excel. Of course accessing business reports became next to impossible and the agency quickly needed something to increase internal efficiency and client profitability. “We reviewed multiple agency software and chose AD-IN-ONE for its expertise, scope, good references and strong local support.” Jitka Kucharova | CFO of McCann Erickson Prague


AD-IN-ONE was chosen and deployed as the fully integrated management software in all business units. Currently, over 60 people are successfully using it at the McCann Erickson Prague Office.

Instant profits, instant reports

Compared to the previous software, AD-IN-ONE was a time saving blessing. It helped staff obtain up-to-date information about job profitability, unpaid invoices and timesheet budgets, and put POs within the reach of account managers. With AD-IN-ONE Finance, account managers no longer need to beg the finance department for Excel Reports. They have the figures right on their own screens “Now I can manage my jobs easily and see the profitability of all the jobs of my team in real time.” Ljuba Kaveckova | account director at McCann Erickson Prague

Readymade cost estimates

AD-IN-ONE allowed account managers to create cost estimates more easily because they are based on predefined templates and client rate cards. In the old system, they were invented in MS Excel and stored haphazardly on a shared drive. With AD-IN-ONE all cost estimates are versioned, linked to the the job number and can be instantly found, using a full-text search. “If there is one function out of the many that I could pinpoint, it’s the simplicity of creating cost estimates.” Jan Antonu | account manager at McCann Erickson Prague

More time, in realtime

AD-IN-ONE allowed traffic managers to easily manage the availability and capacity of creative teams. The time reported by the creatives, and the balance, is constantly visible. The system allows timesheet approvals once a week, and prevents new ones from being issued for previously reconciled jobs.

Paperless, effortless

With AD-IN-ONE, all invoices are scanned by the agency reception and automatically emailed to account managers. They are then sent to the finance department for controlling and bookkeeping. Also automated is the billing process as well as vendor invoice matching and approvals. The finance department can easily check expected costs, whether invoices have been issued to clients or not, and other useful reports which took much longer to dig out in the old Excel days.
“Without doubt AD-IN-ONE increased the efficiency of our internal processes.” Oldrich Dostal | Managing Director of McCann Erickson Prague

Bookkeeping while keeping the old

AD-IN-ONE is seamlessly integrated with the local accounting solution used by McCann Erickson Prague. The sales and purchase ledger of AD-IN-ONE is exported together with nominal codes and other important accounting and tax information. The integration works both ways. The accounting software provides AD-IN-ONE with information about payments, so production managers and account managers receive information about payments without needing to knock on the doors of the finance department. “The integration project went surprisingly well. It involved AD-IN-ONE as well as a supplier of local accountancy software, and the process took just 6 weeks.” Jitka Kucharova | CFO of McCann Erickson Prague


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