Scenografie, Czech Republic
Prague, Czech, 01.03.2011

Scenografie - A leading Czech design and production company for events, promotions and exhibitions including television production has chosen AD-IN-ONE.

"After two years of using another system we realised that it does not meet our needs or solve all the issues we expected. An advantage of AD-IN-ONE is the possibility to use various languages and currencies for our financial documents. For a company like us who deals with foreign clients and foreign suppliers, these functions are crucial. As well, I've discovered another big advantage and that is the direct connection between AD-IN-ONE's accounting software and our bank. We are sure this will give us easier and greater control.

Our workflow is similar to the workflow of an advertising agency so we know the system will cover our needs.
We expect AD-IN-ONE will improve our efficiency and oversight but also provide a tool for our entire staff to work with.
We're sure AD-IN-ONE will help us with our company's expansion without an increase in personnel costs."

Matěj Palouš, Director

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