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Big agency or small. Ad agency or Event agency. Modular system by AD-IN-ONE is fully compatible across all platforms and business styles and is fully flexible and scalable enough to change – in case your business does. Whether it’s an agency which runs on an open, informal culture or one that’s governed by stricter rules and guidelines, our system has experience servicing clients on both ends of the spectrum, and everyone in between.

Why need an agency management system?

Imagine a start-up. A few enthusiasts who can synchronise everything well between themselves. And then comes the prized growth which requires more people and processes. But without a centralised platform to handle the demands of extra growth, everything goes haywire with mistakes, missed deadlines and missed profits all too common.
Our clients have often confessed that rules and order are pre-requisites for an agency’s growth. Therefore the system by AD-IN-ONE brings transparency, clarity and order to the entire agency proceedings where everyone knows what to do, who is doing it and when it needs to be done. Documents, figures, invoices, time sheets – everything is in one place and nothing is missed or duplicated. Ever.

How to get the Job done

Job detail

Job is the centrepiece of record keeping throughout the system. An Account manager creates a client quotation and sends it for client approval, post which the job is activated.

Then the Account Manager creates the tasks required to realise the job, including deadlines. The Traffic Manager assigns the tasks to individuals who record the time spent and this creates an overview of total man-hours spent on the job.

Production managers, responsible for selecting suppliers, send proposal requests and collect cost estimates. The approved purchase order is sent to the selected suppliers. Incoming supplier invoices and any cash spendings are again linked to the appropriate job, thus maintaing a complete record of all job costs.

Once the job is completed, the Account Manager issues a client invoice which is prepared according to the type of contract; either as per the pre-approved budget or by the actual hours spent and costs incurred. All revenues, costs and hours spent are reflected in the job profit balance in realtime. The Account Manager can easily keep track of any deviations from the original quotation..


Keep the Traffic moving


All tasks, including deadlines and connected briefs, are sent to the Traffic Manager who then distributes it to the people responsible (creatives, DTP, web makers, production etc.) based on availability and preference.

All members of creative team know what is expected of them and who has the capacity to do more.

Task detail

Timesheets that don’t take time

Time tracking detail

Once someone completes a task, they can log the time spent on it. A completed timesheet is always reflected in realtime for every job. The employee can also report time spent on overhead issues, client negotiations, meetings, etc. Time sheets can be reported by a single click, therefore making it hassle-free even for creatives.


Easy document management

All agency documents are created and maintained in the system in a logical structure. They can filtered by author, client, supplier, recipient, type or by a specific job. Key documents (orders, quotations, contracts, etc.) may require the approval of one or more responsible persons before being sent. This ensures that an unauthorised or junior employee cannot send a binding document to third parties without prior approval by a senior.
Each document can also be given individual access rights, ensuring that privileged and sensitive material doesn’t go into the wrong hands. Each document carries a link to the respective job, task or any other relevant record. Using these links, it is possible to open the relevant documents from relevant jobs with a single click. Agency templates of all kinds are stored in the system, thus guaranteeing that all documents are created within valid templates.

Documents approval and flow

Based on predetermined settings, all key documents can be shared between employees, who can approve, comment, forward them further or return them for reprocessing according to their authority. A specific flow diagram can be created for each document type which can determine the document flow through the agency. The option to print or share the document can be disabled for various stages of processing in order to ensure that the unapproved document does not enter the wrong hands. The system records all interactions of the approvals or refusals including the time and the processing person.
The approval can also be made conditional to the amount of approved financial sums; if the employee does not have the necessary approval rights, the document goes to his superior for approval. The flow can be configured for various document types in the system, such as invoices, creative briefs, purchase orders, absence requests etc.

Keeping contact

Storing and retrieving corporate contacts is a crucial part of the system and is available to everyone. Every contact in the system can include reminders like birthdays and anniversaries. Individual business cards can also be assigned access rights to keep access restricted. It is also possible to authorise contact information only by the responsible person; these authorised contacts can be used as invoicing information on issued and received invoices.


Finance and reporting

Agency management, owners and the finance department can gain a complete overview of the entire agency at any time. They can zoom into any details of individuals jobs with a single click. Finding a problematic job and viewing all its supplier invoices, purchase orders, or client invoices is a matter of seconds. Equally easy is to create one-click financial reports.

Results in requested detail

Overhead costs planning and recording is done using overhead budgets. These are structured from a managerial perspective, not an accounting one. For example the personal expenses: fuel costs, car leasing, representation expenses, and mobile phone bills can all be sorted by individual employees. Every overhead budget has its annual cost plan and its actual spending is transparent at all times.

Keeping records of supplier invoices, client invoices and cash spendings ensures that individual invoices and expense documents flow through the responsible people in the approval process. It’s impossible for an invoice to get lost; it’s easy to see where it is waiting for approval and since when.


Additional features

Looks like you. Many agencies want to retain its corporate identity in the system. Setting individual appearance is therefore a natural and easily met requirement.

Talks like you. The multilingual system can also communicate with your chosen language. So whether it’s the international team in your office or your partnering agency abroad, everyone will experience the system in their preferred language. Moreover, you can also replace and adapt keywords and phrases to the ones you are accustomed to.

Keep it safe. After people, data is the biggest asset of any agency. Naturally we take all possible steps to keep your data secure. Innovative safety features have been built right into the system from the first stage to the last.


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