VCCP, Czech Republic
Prague 5/9/2011

After over a year of researching the alternatives, VCCP Prague has decided to go with AD-IN-ONE's advertising agency software solution, a business process management (BPM) solution designed to improve their project management, job profitability, costing and efficiency.

VCCP Prague, opened in 2010 by VCCP International, serves European telecommunication giant Telefonica O2. The agency is led by Managing Director Helena de la Barre and Creative Director Dejan Stajnberger.

AD-IN-ONE's Senior Business Development Director, Tim Addison, said "We're happy VCCP based their decision, in part on references, as during our 12 years of existance, we haven't lost a single customer and it's something we are truly proud of."

About VCCP
VCCP is an independent international advertising agency group with offices in The UK, Germany, The Czech Republic, and Qatar. It builds brands with its 10 basic principles, talent and unlimited creativity. Their clients include: O2, Uniliver, CoCa-Cola, McDodonald's, The Times, MTV, METRO, VISA, TEXACO, Roche, Barclays, Microsoft, News of the World, etc.

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