"Great ERP for Advertising Agencies"
I'm Emanuel, founder & CEO of HIPPOS (www.hipposgroup.com), a Romanian advertising company with 20 employees, founded in 2004. We have been using AIO since 2012.

When i was in research for an ERP to better track my company performance, i had the chance to test and review about 4 softwares. Between all, the guys at AIO were the only one who said they would come down for a visit, to better understand our company way of work. The others were more interested in an over-the-internet sale, than a business understanding.

The first presentation pointed out most of our business reporting deficits at the moment. The only concern was about the first payment, which was a kind of set up fee. In comparison to the others which were only SaaS. Probably today AIO is only SaaS with monthly payment.

- it has a very business oriented workflow, which is identical with the day by day workflow in the agency, from the client service department to the financial one.
- all operations are included in the software, from defining budgets to introducing time sheets and tracking clients profitability. It reduced by 90% the use of excel charts.
- the main issues that we managed to overcome with AIO is with the rework we need to do on projects. Rework is usually the advertising profit enemy, but the first step is to best control it.
- it can be accessed from anywhere and the security is at a high level
- the client service is very prompt, most of the request are solved in the same day

- the platform is on Lotus Notes and on Mac it works a little bit slowly
- the interface is not so user friendly, but once you learn the shortcuts, it works better
- still not a web-browser version so far.

Out of all the ERPs i've tested i recommend AIO for growing the business reporting and performance.

Good luck,
Emanuel Clonda


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