Our Story

There was an agency in the beginning

Before he became the founder of AD-IN-ONE, Vladimír Šolc ran his own advertising agency. The agency was flourishing with new clients and new employees. Soon it was facing the classic challenges of agency growth. After struggling for months to find a suitable agency management system, he decided to take matters in his own hands. Literally.

Given his prior experience with informatics and design, Vladimir went about to create a system that would accurately reflect the needs of the modern advertising agency. A year of intense development later, he unveiled the first version which dealt with job management, time reporting, supplier costs and client invoicing. The system did admirably well, helping his agency to grow in a controlled manner, keeping client profitability in check. The biggest endorsement for the system came when the agency was chosen by WPP Group as a suitable acquisition in 1999.

1999 – AD-IN-ONE company was established

On March 3, 1999, it was decided to create a separate company to develop and sell the system. We started with three employees, a list of prospective Czech advertising agencies, enthusiasm and a thirst for adventure (none of which has dimmed to this day).

2003 – We work for agencies

More than 10 Czech agencies have embraced our system. The system is constantly improving and expanding with new functionalities, particularly in the financial and reporting areas.

It’s remarkable that everyone in this photo from January 2014, at the the IBM conference in Orlando (USA), is still working at AD-IN-ONE.IBM conference Orlando

2007 - AD-IN-ONE adds agency capacity planning

We continue our expansion in the Czech market and work for over 20 agencies. Simultaneously, we decide to come up with a creative resource planning tool. A Traffic Management module is introduced which becomes an instant hit.

2010 - AD-IN-ONE becomes a standard

We spread across Europe. Our new clients in Poland and Slovakia prove that the system can be rapidly deployed anywhere in the world. AD-IN-ONE becomes a de-facto standard in agencies across the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia. Knowledge of the AD-INONE system even becomes a desired job skill for agencies in their recruitment hunt.

2014 - Helping agencies across 4 continents

Four years later, we are working on four continents – Latin America, Europe, Asia and Africa. We continue to spread our mission globally – to become the best and only agency management system for any agency that wants to do business professionally. Small, medium and large network agencies equally appreciate the system’s capability to improve their financial bottom-line.

2016 - We keep expanding with client feedback

We gain new clients in the Caribbean, Europe and Asia. We want to further develop ourselves and the system, therefore, we agree with our clients that each project be concluded with a case study by each party. This motivates both parties to have a clear result-oriented approach.

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