"Excellent all in one solution for ad agencies"
We are Gnomi Ltd., one of Cyprus' leading ad agencies, around for almost 50 years now. We have 40 employees and are honored to be trusted by major local and international brands in Cyprus. We began looking into ad agency software about 10 years ago - moving away from a more "DIY" method via MS Access and Exel - and came across one such software. After using it for a few years, we decided that even though it was really good at many of our functions, it lacked a more wholistic view of the entire agency and also had some gaps in what we needed.

Enter AD-IN-ONE: we started looking at it in early 2015 and immediately started seeing its potential across the three pillars that were of interest to us:
1. Intra-department and cross-department collaboration: AD-IN-ONE makes it really easy for people to come together and work on projects. From creating campaigns, jobs and quotations, to assigning tasks and briefs and commenting on them with real-time alerts, AD-IN-ONE passed our test of "better collaboration" with flying colors.
2. Value-creation across the entire agency chain: AD-IN-ONE can handle everything you throw at it! Starting at creating campaigns and jobs, internal projects & budgets, tracking of all project-related activity, time entry, document management, all the way to invoicing, supplier management, and reporting, we seriously can use AD-IN-ONE in all that we do from A-Z.
3. Customer service: the team over in Prague is just awesome. We "clicked" right away, had the right chemistry, they understood exactly what we needed and up until today, when we've been live for 4 months, they are still right there next to us with whatever we need.

We highly recommend AD-IN-ONE. But don't take our word for it. Give the guys over at Prague a call, test-drive AD-IN-ONE and judge for yourselves!


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