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The Comprehensive All-in-One Business Management System

More time for creativity. Less chaos. Higher profit.

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Everything your company needs in one system

The system that gives any company a competitive edge

The challenges you’re currently facing are ones we’ve already helped our clients overcome. The system covers any and all business procedures from beginning to end, including initial client contact, contract management, document flow, job management, budgeting, capacity planning, time and expense recording, invoicing, and, of course, evaluating the performance of individual jobs or the entire organization.

We do one thing, and we do it well

The AD-IN-ONE system is not a one-size-fits-all solution; it was specifically designed for organizations within the communication sector. We deeply understand their ambitions and challenges and tailor specific system settings for different types of organizations: from small startups to large enterprises, covering areas such as online and digital services, direct marketing, public relations, event management, and more.

Not just clients, but partners

Our relationship with clients doesn’t end after signing the contract. We continuously listen to their ideas and suggestions, integrating them into the system. As business needs are constantly changing and evolving, we support them at every step of their journey. We’re able to listen to their needs because we, too, speak the language of business.

After 20 years working with diverse companies, we know the business as well as you do

Everyone is working hard, but seeing hardly any profit

We address some of the most common business issues: loss of critical documents, disorganized work practices, last-minute chaos, missed deadlines, incorrect or forgotten billings, uncontrollable supplier costs, overservicing of jobs, and jobs being less profitable than expected.

Transform your business into a well-oiled machine

Companies utilizing the AD-IN-ONE system can effectively plan and monitor team members’ activities and cooperate efficiently with external suppliers. Everything is synchronized, eliminating any room for confusion. It’s a fail-proof system that ensures client satisfaction, profitable jobs, and a secure business.

Grow your profits, not your pains

Your team will focus on what they were hired to do – concentrate on work, not administrative hassles. Your clients will be impressed with the seamless operations. Most importantly, you’ll have a constant overview of each client’s profitability, identify who is busy and who isn’t, and pinpoint areas for improvement.

Thousands daily users in 20+ countries.
Every day we make the business world a better place.

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Explore Teamogy: Our Online System Optimized for Your Business

Your Business's Comprehensive All-in-One Solution.

In today’s fast-paced world, the ability to adapt and operate efficiently is crucial for success. Teamogy revolutionizes your company’s collaboration process, making geographical barriers irrelevant. Tailored for the demands of contemporary enterprises, this robust system empowers you and your team to concentrate on the essentials—your core operations, innovation, projects, and client relationships.
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Teamogy's Key Benefits

Complete Overview of Company Profit

Gain instant access to a comprehensive overview of profits, client revenues, and associated costs, including overhead expenses, accessible anytime and anywhere.

Efficient Contract Management

Maintain precise records of hours worked, enabling more effective negotiations with clients regarding job pricing based on the real complexity and value of the tasks.

Identification of Profitable Clients

Discover which clients are genuinely profitable and paying for actual hours worked, with the capability to negotiate instantly through tracking Effective Hourly Rates (EHR).

Protect Your Finances

Prevent forgotten or delayed invoices, overpayments on supplier invoices, or unbilled hours—safeguard your finances against unnecessary losses.

Up-to-date Team Work Overview

Obtain a real-time overview of your team’s activities, ensuring optimal utilization of work capacity and streamlined task recording.

A Securely Run Business

Manage budgets with zero error risk, supported by advanced templates and clear approval processes and access protocols.

Quick Access to Documents

Access all essential documents and information swiftly within Teamogy; manage document creation, upload attachments, and insert links directly in the system.

Comprehensive New Biz Overview

Get insights into the financial potential of new prospects, with easy access to all communications and clear definition of next steps and deadlines.

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Our consultant will guide you through a free online presentation called “”FIRST TASTE”” and will also introduce you to a demo version of the Teamogy system.

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We will guide you through the online presentation “FIRST TASTE”, introduce Teamogy, and give you access to the free 14-day trial.
From our point of view, this is the most effective way to start discovering Teamogy and all the benefits it has in store for your company.

In the questionnaire below, choose which option you are interested in for your trial of Teamogy. We are looking forward to seeing you and your team!

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